About us

About Us

We are a newly formed group of Torah Observant Believers in Yeshua, (March 2016), comprised of those who are new to the faith as well as some "old timers." We are diverse in nature, embracing those of many ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. We, however, all share the same passion: to know more of Yahweh and His Word. We often refer to ourselves as being not so much “religious” but rather relational, desiring to be part of a Torah - centered family who shares each other’s burdens and triumphs.

Although our services tend to be contemporary in nature we do not neglect the Hebrew liturgy and Messianic worship. The teaching is usually based on the Torah portion for the week and is followed by a Oneg (a meal) after which have a "Midrash" (an in-depth discussion about the Torah portion.) We also encourage the operation of the Spiritual gifts in service and reaching out of the “4 walls” to actively evangelize and make disciples of all men.

Dr. Al Huba is the congregation leader aided by his wife of 33 years, Brenda. They have 7 children and have resided in Clermont for 11 years. Al possesses a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and an Honorary Doctorate in Biblical Studies and has been a Pastor with Brenda in New York, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Brenda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies.

Our congregational Associate Pastor is Norman Leslie.  Pastor Leslie is a retired prison Chaplin affectionately called Chapp.  Chapp is also our Congregational Hebrew Linguist.