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[row][span3] [/span3][span9] Chevra means friendship. Our goal is to help our people in their time of need. [/span9][/row] Education We make available Russian/Hebrew prayer books, Talesim, Mezuzot and other religious items to people interested in receiving them. Chevra is a humanitarian organization, not a religious one. While we help primarily Jewish people, we do not…
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Ezra International

Ezra International is a Christian non-profit organization that helps the poorest of the poor Jewish people make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel). The return of Jewish people to Israel today is a fulfillment of God's promise made centuries ago. For 2,000 years, it seemed impossible but now it’s happening! Ezra International P.O. Box 120926 Clermont, FL…
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Dawn Ministries

Dawn Ministries is a faith-based ministry serving the community, families, and youth in India. Dawn facilitates workshops, hosts conferences, and partners in initiatives that support communities and preserve families in our nation. The philosophy, ideals, vision, and strategies implemented by Dawn Ministries, are based upon the Holy Bible: The Word of God "...And they shall…
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