Group Hayesod /Foundational Studies

This study is for those of us that have just come to know the real Yeshua (Jesus) & desire to understand the connection between Him & the Jewish foundation of our Christian faith.  We meet every Monday at 7 pm.

Seekers Bible Study

This study is for those who may not know or are curious about God, Yeshua, The Holy Trinity, as well as the Jewish base of our beliefs.  This is the perfect place for asking those questions you have always wanted to ask & to be introduced to God’s love for us.

My name is Ramone.  My wife and I have opened up our home for Bible study because we really want to impact our community when it comes to Jesus. This life group consists of middle-aged to young adults and/or married couples. My wife and I know that having this study directly helps those willing to come, by providing a welcoming and a non-judgemental place to hear and talk about Yeshua (Jesus).

We meet every Tuesday at 7 pm.

In-Depth Bible Study

This is our most in-depth study.  God gave us specific instructions to live by.  Most of the world considers this to only be the 10 Commandments given to Moses.  Some even believe that the New Testament is all we need.  But what if the entire Bible is our manual for a living!  God has given us instructions & life lessons in His Word!  Join us as we reveal God’s truth, & learn how to live it, just like Yeshua (Jesus) did!  We meet every Wednesday at 7 pm.

Youth Group

This group is basically for high schoolers 15-18 years of age. Many of our youth have turned away from traditional Bible study and Church. A lot of these same teens are struggling!  They do not talk to their parents or peers and suffer depression and hopelessness. “We are our brother's keeper!” This is a time teens they can open their hearts and discuss their struggles. We talk about many issues including bullying and other problems facing our teens using prayer and the Bible as our guide. It’s also a time for fun as well! There’s pizza night!  We go bowling, we bake, make crafts, we write & produce uplifting music and as a group, we discuss whatever activities we can do together as well as those that can help the community.

My name is Deb. I youth group in my home on Friday nights God has given me the gift of working & connecting with children and teens for 40 plus years. Living in Jamaica for many years I became the Home School teacher for over 20 children of all ages. I even taught a few adults that never learned to read or write. When I lived in Iowa I also became an at-risk teacher for the High School there. I wanted to start a Bible study in my home and prayed for the opportunity, and of course, the answer I received was, "Haven't I already shown you what I want you to do?" I have 9 students from 3 different high schools who come regularly. We are open to anyone in this age group who wants to join our group/family. Give me a call at 352-217-1119. You are Awesome! You are Blessed! You are Loved!  We meet every Friday from 7-9pm.

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