Our Family

Our Family/Mispochah

Many congregations come together once a week for Sabbath or Sunday worship, as well as for Bible study. They usually do not communicate with each other for the entire week.  Never giving another thought to their fellow believer again until the weekend rolls around.

We at Beit Tikvah have a deep desire to stay connected on a day to day basis.  The bonds that we form here define us as a family more than a congregation.  We cry together, laugh together, and accomplish some of the greatest milestones in our lives together!

They say you can’t choose your family; well the same thing applies to us.

We do not choose our Beit Tikvah family, God does!  We have all come from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, & different belief systems!  But the one thing we all do have in common is:  God has orchestrated our circumstances so that we have arrived here… home… with family!