Recently, our family faced unexpected circumstances that resulted in a sudden relocation from SW Florida following hurricane "Irma"

It's amazing how our Heavenly Father uses the "Storms of life " to usher in His blessings!  Shortly after our move, our Lord reconnected us with friends who invited us to the Beit Tikvah Congregation.  We were welcomed by a loving family of believers who truly seek to worship and serve our Messiah Yeshua.  We have been blessed by the straightforward, biblically sound teachings and messages each Shabbat.

"Doc" is a gifted leader anointed with wisdom blended with gentleness;  his wife Brenda- warmth, beauty and grace!

Oh- we must share..the "Onegs" are fabulous!

Thank you Beit Tikvah, for welcoming our family so warmly!

David, Donna & Shoshanah Razin,

We love Beit Tikvah!

Janice, Cameron and Gabrielle Crawford,

What a delight to fellowship in a young, thriving family of believers hungry to explore, adopt and adapt to the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith. The precious saints treat you as family.

Norm and Sharyn Leslie,

I always loved God. After many years of searching and being a member of different churches I have found not just a church but a life of living with a family full of love and hope – Beit Tikvah, House of Hope.

Deborah Cullison,

It is an honor and a pleasure to lead a vibrant, enthusiastic family of Torah Observant Believers in Yeshua. We are truly blessed to be a part of Beit Tikvah and will endeavor through Yah’s grace to bring to others the hope that we have found through our Messiah, Yeshua.

Pastor Al and Brenda Huba,

We never truly understood what family really was until Beit Tikvah. We feel at home here.

Steven and Rebekah Crawford,